The world has suffered an economic meltdown of proportions never before imagined. While the reasons that many individuals committed crimes, both knowingly and occasionally unknowingly, may never be fully explained or even completely understood, the government system is acting swiftly to seek-out all those who violated any laws or regulations for prosecution. These criminal actions involve mostly mid and lower level economically successful entrepreneurs and business professionals.

There are hundreds, even thousands of business people being investigated across the United States. Already the bringing of charges and prosecutions have begun. Daily, the news is filled with local reports of these allegations and indictments.

In many cases there is an element or direct act of improper conduct, and while most of it is minor, these individuals are being swept up in a government campaign intended to hold individuals responsible for any violations whatsoever. The range and number of these professional individuals involved appears to be so broad and numerous as to surprise most analysts.
Regardless of one’s position as to what has taken place to bring about what we refer to as ‘the financial melt down,’ there is no question that an increasing multitude of previously successful business people now face the very real prospect of prolonged investigation, extensive negative publicity, trial, and imprisonment.

Unlike the vast majority of criminals in prison, this newly targeted group of professional business men and women have had no prior contact with the legal system, or even with law enforcement. They generally have not once contemplated ever being in prison and know nothing of what they face (other than what they inaccurately glean from movies). Together with their families and friends they face a far greater trauma and adjustment to what may befall them than the criminal element society is generally accustomed to seeing incarcerated.

In most instances these charges are completely unexpected and a feeling of betrayal, disillusionment and anger are the first reactions, the trauma is so great that the families of these entrepreneurs are being torn apart, marriages are crumbling, and children are increasingly turning to drugs. Worse, the fear of the unknown causes formally solid community members to act completely irrationally. Indeed these pressures are so great that often suicide seems a much easier way out…


In February of 2009, Justice Ministries International established a non for profit affiliate, The Justice Project, to address and advise on many of the key issues faced by these traumatic circumstances in the lives of businessmen and businesswomen and of their families. While legal advice cannot be given and counseling is licensed and strictly controlled in some states, consulting as to insights into the operation of the justice system, prisons, and all manner of questions regarding how to manage present day assets and business situations while at the same time preparing for the worst, can be effectively provided. Particular attention is given to the members of the family as to a process of reconciliation, forgiveness and once the healing has begun, in setting forth a family plan for action, no matter what befalls any of the family members. These are the elements that draw a family together and actually strengthen their bonds during a time of great adversity.

Consultations are based upon the knowledge and experience of several very well educated former legal and business practitioners who have lived through exactly the same trauma, and ultimately, incarceration. These individuals now offer high-level insights along with the ability to respond to needs and provide information that is designed to hold families together and greatly relieve the enormous burdens being carried by these individuals.
These men and women are often paralyzed by the fear of the unknown and are uncharacteristically unable to make rational or even simple decisions. The impact of news reports and the fear of incarceration upon them, and upon their families, is often devastating. News reports, statements of facts in support of indictments, interrogation questions, statements to lawyers during trial preparation, all play over and over in their minds. For them, there is no rest.

These men and women need to hear the truth about what will happen if they are convicted: how they will be treated in prison, what prison life is truly like, what they can expect to do in prison, and with regards to family, friends and the operation of their businesses.

In turn, this knowledge allows them to better focus on what is truly important in their lives so that they may realistically face the challenges that lie before them and begin to make sound decisions once again, before anything further takes place.

The Justice Project cannot keep anyone out of prison, but we can provide business and professional individuals with the tools necessary to cope, survive, and even to personally grow and prosper.

Prison need not be the end of their lives, but if prepared for and approached in the right regard, it can become just another path to greater personal growth. We are always strongest when we face our problems and overcome them. These events that are often perceived as impossible situations for marriages and families, if understood and approached properly, can actually draw couples and their families closer together. The road is never easy, but neither is it impossible.


Justice Ministries International established the Justice Project knowing that it can salvage lives, marriages and children, while drawing men and women closer to God. The Justice Project believes that it can bring a message of great importance and impact to beleaguered men and women — a message that can not only be life changing, but even lifesaving. To accomplish this, the basic requirements of any new organization need to be met.
Given the estimated size of the population group to be serviced by The Justice Project and the anticipated minimum duration of this process, sufficient start-up capital to operate effectively for a year and a half would be required. This would include advertising and even possible spot time buys to make the services known. This funding is essential to justify the time commitment and surrender of other pursuits by the principles, infrastructure investments and so forth. While many clients will be able to afford to financially give to The Justice Project for their services, others will be unable to. None will be refused, regardless of their lack of financial ability.


Unlike other services that offer a set format with a question and answer period afterwards, all of the consulting aspects of The Justice Project are individually tailored to meet the needs, concerns and spiritual growth of the individual. It is unique in that it is Christian based and lays out a foundation to bring people to Christ during a very vulnerable and open period of their lives. There is one thing that is certain, the trauma of incarceration will either draw a person closer to God, or push them further into the enemies camp. It will either draw a family together, closer than ever before, or cause them to disintegrate and proceed down their own paths.
While able to provide the same basic information on prison life and what to expect as former convicts can, The Justice Project warns about the prison games and how to avoid them, not how to play them. It also provides far more informative knowledge on the process that is involved in imprisonment, as well as how to constructively spend ones time in prison by personal enrichment spiritually and through building and enhancing one’s family ties, not wasting this valuable time opportunity and allowing the stresses to destroy them.

To succeed, The Justice Project is seeking initial donors to provide the necessary financial resources to operate for the first 1 1/2 years. Certainly there will be donations received during this time period, and those funds will be used to extend the ministry’s reach into the future, as well as to enhance the advertising budget. One cannot serve those who are not aware of your services.

We invite you to partner with us.
Make checks payable to:

Justice Ministries International

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Presently there are numerous investigations regarding financial and political corruption both locally and nationally. First time middle, upper class and even wealthy individuals are in many instances the target of these investigations. Innocent spouses and children are traumatized by the the adverse publicity and the threat of a loved one going to prison. For most of these individuals there is no place to turn for practical advise as to how to cope.This trauma of times results in divorce, rebellion of children and sometimes suicide Through Justice Project, the not for profit affiliate of Justice Ministries, its Founder, Fred M Mosely and other consultants, practical counseling is available. The purposes of Justice Project include the following: Provide prevention programming for families, children, and youth at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system. Programs will include positive role modeling,school drop out prevention, value clarification family strengthening, economic development, leadership development etc. Assist families involved in the criminal justice system by providing special support to children that includes tutoring, vocational training counseling, and other opportunities to insure that their lives continue to develope and avoid negative involvement in the criminal justice system. Provide consultation services to first time non-violent offenders and immediate family members in an effort to reduce recidivism. Provide consulting services to families affected by the incarceration of a close family member or friend. Provide training and consulting services to criminal justice personnel on how to effectively interact and address diversity issues affecting the inmate population, their family, staff, and the public. Develop a lecture circuit and public education campaign on information for for elementary, high school and college students on crime prevention and the rewards of honesty and hard work. Provide emergency assistance, temporary/transitional housing,job referral and placement and educational information to inmates released from prison adjust to society. To provide business opportunities for former inmates and their family members. Develop fundraising activities to carry out program activities